Saturday, November 26, 2011

I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the juke box baby....

Ran the L.A. Rock and Roll Half Marathon on Sunday October 30th.  Tipping the race mile tally past my goal of 50 miles this year for a total of .....56.66 miles, yeah baby.

Since I've been so neglectful in posting I'm just gonna make this a mini recap.

Met my race buddies earlier than the crack of dawn to carpool to LA.  One of our buddies didn't make it to the meet up location and had to drive solo due to an accident on the 60 freeway.  She said the freeway was shut down and she saw a helicopter medivac the injured away.  Of course my mind immediately thinks, "Dang, Denny didn't come home last night, and while I knew he wasn't coming home, I wish I knew where he was", cause of course I'm picturing his car crumpled on the 60 while he's splayed out on a stretcher getting his first helicopter ride. 

This was my first Rock and Roll race, and I'm very impressed with how organized they were.  Although....much of the race was "out and back", so while they promoted the race as something like "a band every mile", turns out you just run past the same bands a couple of times.

At about mile 10 I started having the calf cramping issues again.  So frustrating.  I was careful to make sure I was adequately hydrated hoping to avoid them, but ended up hobbling in the last couple of miles.  I think I'll try vitamin supplements in the future.

As we were walking to the car from the finish line we passed the final "featured" band, playing...."I love rock n roll".  It sounded so good (the other bands on the route were "local" and frankly were a little disappointing, and while I love "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Hey Jude" neither are not my idea of music to run by.   I didn't realize it until later in the day, but it was Brett Michaels singing I love Rock N Roll at the finish, shoot, no wonder it sounded good.  I'd have hung around and watched a bit if I wasn't so darn tired and if I had known who it was.

On the was back from LA Denny texted me, "Whew, at least I know he wasn't the one medivaced on the freeway this morning."

We all came back to town, and had lunch at a local mexican restaurant.  Celebrating with margaritas....what better way to end a race?

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