Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going Too Fast

What is up with the weather?  Raining so hard the gutter looked like a roaring river last week and today the 90's......90's!  I so prefer to run in the cooler temps.  4 1/2 mile run today.  It's been a high mileage week....8.25 miles on Sat., 2.25 on Sun, 1.0 Mon., 5.25 Tues, 1.0 Wed, and 4.5 today for a grand total wonder I'm so tired!

And today marks mile #46....only 4 miles to go.  Once I got to the halfway point it started to go really fast....then at mile 30 it sped up, at 40 it is racing by....kinda like life, eeks.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Left Brain Right Brain?

Still I struggle to force myself out to run in the morning.  One side says "I don't wanna", the other side says "It won't take long, just get it out of the way".  I know I'm going to run this morning, but that still doesn't stop the dialogue of the lazy little child who doesn't want to do it.  Little Brat. 

The older (almost 50), more intelligent and mature me won.  Mile #45 completed, on a foggy Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunsets, Golf Carts, and Summits Oh my!

Completed Mile #44 tonight with a 5 mile "Summit House" run.  Summit being the operative word here.  First summit crests at State College and Bastanchury....killer hill #1.  Then it's downhill on the trail ....couldn't really enjoy the downhill cause I'm so busy dodging the groves on the trail and so paranoid I'm gonna skid on the gravel and end up a bloody skinless mess.  Even with the hazards it's still a nice run....(if you like hills).

Once we got back on the road (heading towards "The Summit"), the hill is so steep we are running in slow motion.....some guy flys past us....not even breathing hard....while I'm counting the seconds to my next walk break.

Back on the trail (still heading toward "The Summit")....finally, just around the bend, there it is.  Just in time to see a huge orange sun setting to the west....the east is bathed in purples and pinks.  Ahhh, good things do not come easy, had to work for this one.

On the trail heading down from "The Summit", we met a golf cart.  The driver of the cart says, "Oh", and starts backing up.....all the way down the hill.  What the heck?  The trail is big enough for us and the cart...why is he backing all the way down the hill.  The answer is at the bottom.  Turns out this trail closes at sunset.  And golf cart guy had locked the fence.  If we'd have been 30 seconds later we'd have missed that cart and the Helens and I would have either had to slither on our bellys under the fence (there was about a foot and a half clearance) or we would have had to try to climb that 7 foot chain link fence.....or go back the 4 miles we had just come! 

Personally, sliding under that fence would have been my first pick.

Mile #44 summited.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Plans Change

When I woke up this morning (or rather as I was getting in bed last night), I'm am I going to pull of my Monday run?  It's so hard to get up early enough in the morning, hence why I was thinking about it as I was getting in bed.....cause it was super late.  I knew I had a meeting at 6pm this evening....and I don't leave work till 5 at the how to do it?

I had decided I would just be late to the meeting.....and hopefully not too sweaty by the time I got there after my mile.  But life continually shows me that no matter what I plan it can always change.  I always take the dogs out for a walk around the block first thing in the morning...I mean REALLY THE FIRST THING.  But Gus wasn't feeling so he didn't want to walk.  I took him back in and decided with just Sammy, I'd go ahead and do the mile with her.  So I have the mile done already, and I won't be late to my meeting tonight.  Ha, plans changed.

And just in case you are wondering......I fed Gussy some scrambled eggs for breakfast....and he seemed to be feeling a little better by the time I left this morning......keeping my fingers crossed.....otherwise.....plans could change again and I could end up at the vets tonight!  He's such a prima donna, and has the most delicate stomach ever....but the crazy thing is he will eat anything he can pick up off the ground.  He's a little neurotic.  Could probably use a few sessions with Cesar Milan.

Mile #43 done.......oh, and Sammy almost tripped me on our run....damn dog.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I've read that you need to do something everyday for 30 days in order for it to become a habit.  This mile a day thing is starting to become a habit for me.  Leaving this morning I picked up the securely protected by plastic (no rain gonna get in there thank-you whoever you are that delivers my paper every single day without fail on time and dry all year....I'd tell you in person, but you come so early I've never seen you) Sunday paper up off the mat and set it inside without ever even giving it a second thought.

Luckily I managed to get today's run done with only a few little sprinkles.  Did the first mile and then walked a second mile.  Muscles are a little sore from yesterday's 8 mile run, so I thought giving them a little walk would probably help with the stiffness.

The end is so near....mile #42 done....only 8 miles left.  What am I going to do?  How can I just end this "streak" after mile #50?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Single Digits

Mile #41 done.

Only 9 more miles to go.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Extra Points

When the alarm sounded at 5:45 am.....I listened (after punching the snooze button), yep, it's pouring.  I'll stay in bed a little longer....till it stops.  Exactly 9 minutes later the alarm woke me up again....yep, it's still pouring....snooze again.  9 minutes later, I wonder who figured 9 minutes was a good length of time, seems so random...why not a full 10 minutes?...anyway, 9 minutes later, it's still pouring.  Finally at 6:22 I figured the rain gods were against me and it was never going to stop and I had to "JUST DO IT (insert swoosh)" (Nike Nazis). 

It was pouring, but I had no other choice.  I thought maybe I could run at lunch time....but afraid to take the risk...what if it's still raining then?  At least if I do it now I have some control over how my hair looks afterwards, thereby giving me a glimmer of hope that it might look decent when I go to the theatre this evening.  So out I go, risking a grave illness....still have the lingering cough.  I can be such a drama queen.  Anyway, I buttoned up and even thought, why not try to run with an umbrella.  I bet I looked so lame, but my head and chest stayed dry.  Except for the gets really warm running with a thick jacket on. 

Impossible not to step in puddles.  Feet got soaked.  Cold wet feet, hot sweaty chest, if I survive this without getting pnemonia it will be shear luck.  It was raining so hard, the gutter looked and sounded like a rushing river....honestly....I thought I'd take a picture of the white caps to prove it, but I wouldn't dare take my coveted iphone out in this rain!

Mile #40 done.  Whoot Whoot!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Like putting on an old pair of comfortable shoes.....

Good run tonight!  Got to run one of my old time favorites (now that it's light enough).  Good Times! 

Yeah sure, I'm loving it now....but wait until August, I'll be complaining about climbing those hills in the heat.

Going to see Wicked tomorrow evening........I'll have to force myself out of bed early tomorrow morning and get my mile in first thing.......

Mile #39 done

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ever since the time change I've had a hard time getting up in the mornings.  So.....I haven't been running in the mornings....only in the evening.  Last night as I was going to bed I think I figured out why it's so extra hard to get up in the mornings....cause I'm going to bed later than usual.  I sure like the fact that it's light later...but dang the adjustment is so difficult!

Which leads me to.......Oh how I wished I had went to bed earlier last that I would have gotten up earlier this that I would have run in the morning........when it wasn't raining.

While I was waiting for a break in the rain this evening, I'm thinking, it's so very cold....what if I end up with pneumonia.  This crazy mission of mine takes all kinds of twists and turns.  Kind of cool though...if it were easy and convenient everyday it wouldn't be a challenge....and it wouldn't be so memorable.

Luckily I found a little window at about 7:45ish when the rain lightened up.  Eeks so cold though.  I actually wore a jacket....I never run in a jacket....of course half way through I was getting warm....

Mile #38 down, it is really going so fast now....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Run!

I was afraid that maybe I wasn't well enough yet to try running with the group.  Decided to go ahead and give it a try...heck I can always turn back if it's too hard.  Turned out to be a great run.....even with all the killer hills!  Helen H. paced me, which was probably why I was able to complete the run.  On my own I'd have probably started out running too fast and have a rough time with it. 

Mile #37 done.  Wow, only 13 more miles to go.  It's really going unbelievable fast.  I'm already wondering what I'm gonna do the day after I turn 50....will I not run?  Will I keep up the mile streak?  If I don't will I miss it?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eeeks! Almost Forgot!

Nah, I didn't forget to run.  But I did forget to post about it!

Ran a little over 2 miles this evening.  Best time since getting sick (although still need to shave a little less than a minute to reach my goal time.  I have 14 more miles to go to try to obtain the goal.

Good run, cold, but good.

36 down, and only 14 to go!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Running in the Rain

I don't mind running in the rain at all....if fact I rather enjoy it.  But I figured it wouldn't be such a good idea today.......because of the lingering illness.....wouldn't want to revive any dying germs.

Yesterday's run felt so good I figured I'd plan on running 3 miles.  Wanted to get it done as soon as I could cause running in the rain in the dark is even worse then just plan running in the dark.  Of course as luck would have it, it started raining half way through.  Serious rain and wind.  Almost blew my cap off......I hope I don't end up paying for this little indiscretion.

Mile #35 done.

PS.  We should enact a "Pedestrian Awareness Law".  All licensed drivers would have to walk (using crosswalks etc) for a month.  The idea here is to make the fuckers a little less self absorbed and a little more aware while driving, asshole.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Late Night Solo Runs

Ok, so maybe they aren't so late night (7ish).  But I'm really starting to like these evening solo runs.  Would really love them if I could get over the fear of being attacked on a dark street corner, or tripping over a raised sidewalk in the dark albiet moonlit night.

Or maybe it's that I'm starting to come back from the land of the ILL.

Tonight I ran (can I really call it that with this 30/30 slow jog), over 30 minutes.  And completed 2.73 miles.  And didn't cough once!  Well, until I got home, let the hacking begin. 

But honestly, I think I am a little better.  I think the pesky little virus is not quite so much in my lungs and bronchial tubes, and is moving my sinuses....and ears (a little dizzy are we?)  Which is fine with me as long as it keeps moving up, till it exits the top of my head forming a golden little halo and then disipates.

Whoot Whoot!  Mile #34 Done!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Would I Have Forgotten?

I have not been doing any solo morning runs this week because of this gawd-forsaken cough (and this gawd-forsaken time change).  It appears to be at it's worse in the morning.  Plus with such a good excuse it makes it all the harder for me to pry myself out of bed so early.

Today after work I came home, kicked off my shoes and attempted to take a little nap. But the powers that be prevented that. Denny wanted to talk, Sammy wanted to walk, Gus would have been happy to take a nap with me.

As I'm walking the dogs thinking about how they seem like they need to run off some energy, it dawns on me, I haven't ran yet! I haven't even thought about running today! If I would have taken that nap, would I have actually forgotten? I think I might have.....and what if I would have remembered at like 10pm? Would I have run then? What if I wouldnt have remembered until tomorrow?

No worry, disaster averted. I ran before I had time to lay down and forget about it again. I'm still doing the 30/30, and sneaking in a minute here and there, but if I try to do more the hacking starts. Even with the occasional hack, it felt good to be out and semi running. Felt so good in fact, I did 2 miles! Come on lungs, heal thy selves!

Mile #33 down (wow, it really seems to be going fast now).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chicken Pox

In a previous post I said I'm trying to reflect on where I was in my life at the age corresponding to the mile I'm running that day. Well I've been way too sick for that nonsense last few days. But ironically, when I turned 31 I had the chicken pox.

Tamara brought the horrible little virus home from 1st grade. Two weeks later Denny who was 3 and I then got to experience the chicken pox together. I ran a fever of 104 for 7 days. I had more pox on my face than Denny had on his entire little body. I had chicken pox in places you wouldn't dream you could get a pox. They were even in my lungs.

So when I compare this illness to that, this is really very minor.

Mile #32 done, 30/30, Lungs still intact.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still Sick

Still sick and still not willing to give up.

Jogged/walked with the dogs tonight 30seconds/30seconds.

Mile #31 done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mile #30

Still sick. Didn't go to work. In bed half the day, and on the couch the other half.

I knew there was no way I could run today, even though it's the first group run after the time change. Darn and they were running one of my favorite routes.

Instead I dosed up on Dayquil and Tylenol, and went out at 8:15pm and walked my mile.

I make the rules and if I'm in danger of hacking up a lung if I run, I can walk it.

Mile #30, done (according to my rules).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mile #29

Mile #29 done.

I have a horrible cough, I didn't think I was going to be able to run this evening, but I didn't want to forfeit the previous 28 miles.

I'm hoping I am better tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beating Heart

It's best to just get up and do it. Don't think about it and wonder if it would be ok to wait and run in the evening. Don't even think that it's Sunday and the one day that there is a glimmer of hope to sleep in late (damn dog). Just get up and do it, even before coffee.

After my mile I looked at my trusty Garmin and thought, I should walk 10 more minutes. I heard or read somewhere (in my mind is a vast collection of mostly useless information) that if you keep your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes you jump start your metabolism for something like 2 hours, thereby burning more fat.

So I walked. I hope my heart rate was fast enough walking. I actually wore my heart rate monitor this morning. At one point while running up the hill heart rate was 155, eeks, no wonder this feels so hard. While walking, heart rate dropped down to 105, and I thought I was walking pretty fast. Guess I should google what my optimum fat burning heart rate is. Wouldn't want to make the little sucker work any harder than it should. Like what if we only have a certain number of beats pre programed in our hearts. Wouldn't want to waste my beats running up a hill.

As I was removing my shoes at the door I see the paper on the floor. Ahhh, the Sunday did you get in? Denny must have put it there. Wow, he was out really late...or really early......

Mile #28 completed.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting Up Early

Mile #27 done.

Early Saturday morning run with friends, the best kind of run.

Friday, March 11, 2011

AARP and other rants

Hard to get started today (surprise, surprise). Again it felt like I was running in s-l-o-w-- -- m-o-t-i-o-n up the hill. Oddly it's my best time this week, weird, must have something to do with the slow time standing still. Although I still have not hit my goal time (10:55 or less), in fact I think I abandoned that goal a week ago anyway.

I am officially over the hill , umh, on the down side of the hill , errr... half way done , uuhhh, more miles done then to go, yeah, that's it. Can't shake the feeling that each mile represents a year in my life as the miles add up, I'm actually starting to reflect on where I was in my life with each year/mile now (now that I've gotten to a point where I can actually really, who remembers when they were 5?). So I'm a little wary of phrases that imply I'm "half way".

And what's up with AARP? I received a card and membership packet in the mail last week. The nerve. I have yet to open it. I'm in denial. Are you a senior citizen at 50? Cause I really don't feel old enough to be a senior. And I diligently color my hair in an attempt to hide that fact from the general public. Can I order off the senior breakfast menu at Carrow's? Am I eligible for senior discounts?

According to Social Security I am not eligible to retire until like 72. 72! I will probably feel like a senior then. And let's face it, there will be no benefits for me by then. I'm at the very tail end of the baby boomers. I should have been a cop, or had a career in the military. I could retire in 24 days. A former co-worker's husband was in the Air Force, retired at 45, and low and behold, they were able to finagle his position into a "civilian" position. So now he collects full retirement benefits, and works at the same job he had, collecting the same amount of $. Now I consider running a mile in a race and counting that mile as my mile of the day double dipping. I'm not even going to say what I consider THAT as. I mean come on, can't we save a slice of the life-cake for my potential future grandchildren?

Sounds like someone forgot to take their prosaic this morning.

Anyway, point is, I don't feel like a senior citizen, but I'm not opposed to reaping the benefits of any discounts that retailers are willing to throw my way.

Mile #26 done.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On The Crest Of The Hill

I have climbed to the top of the hill.

Tonight I completed mile #25.

25 down, 25 to go.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Running Streak

So last week I bragged to my Dr about my 50/50 (look how healthy I am, nanny, nanny, cancer). He total bursts my bubble. Tells me his bother ran a mile a day for 11 years. Tells me there's a "Running Streak Association". I googled it, it's true. The top runner has more than 40 years. 40 YEARS! That's like 14,610 miles....or 14,610 days in a row! Unbelievable. This makes my 50/50 seem so insignificant.

How do these people find the time?

Like today, I knew I couldn't run in the morning (unless I managed to drag my ass out of bed super early), I would not have the time to run, so the plan was to run right after work. But then I made plans to go out to dinner. What to do? Don't really want to run after dinner ...

a) it would be late and can be risky
b) who wants to run after dinner out?

So I went home right after work, changed clothes, ran my mile, changed clothes again and went out. How do those runners do this for almost 40 years? Running the mile itself doesn't take that long.....and throwing on running clothes and shoes doesn't take that long, heck anyone can find 15 minutes everyday. It's the timing part that gets in the way. Like running tonight at 5pm when it's 80 degrees, how can you not get sweaty?

I guess if you do it for 40 years you figure out a schedule. Come to think of it, I think the website says miles on treadmills count (I consider that borderline cheating), but I could see where if you had a treadmill it would make the daily mile much easier to achieve. I would definitely need a treadmill if I wanted to join the club (which I don't). Oh and to join the club you must have run every day for a year in order to be eligible. It's a pretty exclusive club!

Mile #24 done....and IF I wanted to join the club that would mean I'd only have to run 341 more days/miles to be eligible.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fickle as a 13 year old girl.

This morning I was so happy because I knew I didn't have to run my "Morning Solo Mile". I get to run with friends.

I left work early to take my sister Nita to an appointment. While I'm waiting for her to finish I'm thinking, ugh, I don't want to run this evening.

While driving home I seriously wanted to just stop and have dinner. BUT, I have to do my mile. UGH!

I got home an hour earlier than usual. Had to really talk myself into getting ready and getting out there to run.

What I really wanted to do was turn on the TV and the DVR and watch the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice, while I assemble the bookcase that I purchased from IKEA last night (that's a whole other story...eeks, IKEA, talk about sensory overload).

But alas, I had to run my mile.

Was difficult starting out, but after the first mile or so, Helen C and I were warmed up. We kicked butt tonight!

Mile #23 done!

Bookcase assembled.

Meat Loaf, David Cassidy, Gary Busey, Richard Hatch, Nene Leakes, Star Jones, Lisa Rinna, La Toya Jackson....OMG, Celebrity Apprentice....Jose Canseco! Wow, David Cassidy is SO OLD!

Tomorrow would normally be a "morning solo run", but I absolutely have to be at work on time, so I'll have to forgo the morning run, and run after work.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wondering if I will ever look forward to the morning solo run. Some days are harder then other days. Another one of those days that I just dread doing it. Maybe I'm getting a cold or something......I better start taking some vitamin C....

Mile #22 Done.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something Different

So I couldn't resist it.....I cracked open the coveted Sunday paper before my run. But just long enough to drink a cup of coffee.

I decided to do something different for my mile today. I'm just so darn tired of this up hill, down hill, up hill down hill mile. I thought I'd try some flat lands. So I drove over to the high school and ran around the track, and around, and around, and around. Not so boring when you are only doing a mile. Didn't necessarily feel much easier (what a disappointment, I figured I'd kick butt around that track).

It just takes me so long to warm up. I'd probably do better if I walked the mile to the track first. Ugh, though, that would require one mile up, one mile around, and then a mile back. That could put me in danger of over achieving and I wouldn't want to go there.

My muscles are feeling super tight I cracked open this yoga DVD that I've had for 2 or 3 years now. It's on as I type.....dang this lady is flexible! Although sitting here typing is probably not helping my tight muscles....

Mile #21 down.....I just might pull this 50/50 off after all.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mile #20

Mile #20 completed with an early morning group run at the Fullerton Courthouse Loop. A nice change of pace.

Friday, March 4, 2011

19 Down 31 to Go

Had another Dr appointment this 7:30am....what was I thinking? Must have been my evil twin who made that appt. No way would I have time to run before.

Thought maybe I'd try running at lunch, but who wants to get all sweaty and then go back to work?

Didn't get home till 7:45pm. Hmmmm...a night time solo run. Could have been a real pit fall for me. But all day long (since about 6:15am when I realized I wouldn't have time to run in the morning), I'd been telling myself I would have to run after work. So I was in the right frame of mind.

One of the most uncomfortable runs so far. Dark, alone, hungry. My time probably would have been worse, but I swear at one point I heard footsteps behind me.....afraid to glance back cause I might trip and fall.....geeze, it's like a bad horror movie.

Mile #19 down.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today I got the results of my bone density test. Dr. said its normal. He went on to say that is unusual. He would expect it to be "ok", but normal, he rarely ever sees a normal one. Given my health history (chemo is very damaging to the bones), ethnicity, age, and other risk factors, normal is much better than expected.

After my Dr. visit I went across the street to Panera, It's how I treat myself after every appointment...which probably explains the extra 5 pounds I'm carrying around.

So I walk into Panera and the girl behind the counter exclaims "You look absolutely fabulous!" I turn around to see who she's talking to. No one is there. Then I look down to see what I've put on this morning. I give her a puzzled look and she says "You look great!" It's almost commical.  I'm thinking.....she must have waited on me in the past. When I was comming in practically once a week (Ok, maybe it's a little more than 5 pounds). I'm thinking I must have REALLY looked bad then. It's kind of funny, cause when you are a cancer patient and bald, everyone pretends not to notice that you have no hair, eyebrows, lashes ect. But once your hair starts to grow back, everyone compliments you on your hair. I think it's because they are so relieved, like everything can be normal again.

I'm gonna go ahead and take the compliment. I look good on the outside and inside, all the way to my bones.

I'm sure running is what has kept my bones strong.

One more reason to keep on doing it.

Mile #18 down.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calling it quits.

This was the first morning that I seriously considered calling it quits. Like what's the point? Why keep kicking my ass for this 50/50 anyway?

I decided to go ahead and do the mile cause I might regret throwing away the 16 previous miles. Besides, it's just a mile right? Half a mile out and half a mile back.

And wouldn't you know today is the day that I almost get hit by a car. Some guy comes barrelling out of a driveway as I'm half way across it, he's looking down the street and never even sees me in front of him.

Moral of the story: You can wear the "Nerd Alert Vest", run on the proper side of the street, not wear your ipod so you can hear the cars, do all the things you can do to insure your safety, but you can never control the variables, the drivers, safe in their cocoons of steel, distracted by all of their thoughts, and on autopilot.

Mile #17 done, worst time yet.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another one of those theraputic miles to help wash away the stress of the day.

If I didn't run I'd feel A LOT older A LOT quicker.

Mile #16 done, whew, I needed that!