Thursday, March 31, 2011

Going Too Fast

What is up with the weather?  Raining so hard the gutter looked like a roaring river last week and today the 90's......90's!  I so prefer to run in the cooler temps.  4 1/2 mile run today.  It's been a high mileage week....8.25 miles on Sat., 2.25 on Sun, 1.0 Mon., 5.25 Tues, 1.0 Wed, and 4.5 today for a grand total wonder I'm so tired!

And today marks mile #46....only 4 miles to go.  Once I got to the halfway point it started to go really fast....then at mile 30 it sped up, at 40 it is racing by....kinda like life, eeks.

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