Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today I got the results of my bone density test. Dr. said its normal. He went on to say that is unusual. He would expect it to be "ok", but normal, he rarely ever sees a normal one. Given my health history (chemo is very damaging to the bones), ethnicity, age, and other risk factors, normal is much better than expected.

After my Dr. visit I went across the street to Panera, It's how I treat myself after every appointment...which probably explains the extra 5 pounds I'm carrying around.

So I walk into Panera and the girl behind the counter exclaims "You look absolutely fabulous!" I turn around to see who she's talking to. No one is there. Then I look down to see what I've put on this morning. I give her a puzzled look and she says "You look great!" It's almost commical.  I'm thinking.....she must have waited on me in the past. When I was comming in practically once a week (Ok, maybe it's a little more than 5 pounds). I'm thinking I must have REALLY looked bad then. It's kind of funny, cause when you are a cancer patient and bald, everyone pretends not to notice that you have no hair, eyebrows, lashes ect. But once your hair starts to grow back, everyone compliments you on your hair. I think it's because they are so relieved, like everything can be normal again.

I'm gonna go ahead and take the compliment. I look good on the outside and inside, all the way to my bones.

I'm sure running is what has kept my bones strong.

One more reason to keep on doing it.

Mile #18 down.

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