Friday, March 18, 2011

Would I Have Forgotten?

I have not been doing any solo morning runs this week because of this gawd-forsaken cough (and this gawd-forsaken time change).  It appears to be at it's worse in the morning.  Plus with such a good excuse it makes it all the harder for me to pry myself out of bed so early.

Today after work I came home, kicked off my shoes and attempted to take a little nap. But the powers that be prevented that. Denny wanted to talk, Sammy wanted to walk, Gus would have been happy to take a nap with me.

As I'm walking the dogs thinking about how they seem like they need to run off some energy, it dawns on me, I haven't ran yet! I haven't even thought about running today! If I would have taken that nap, would I have actually forgotten? I think I might have.....and what if I would have remembered at like 10pm? Would I have run then? What if I wouldnt have remembered until tomorrow?

No worry, disaster averted. I ran before I had time to lay down and forget about it again. I'm still doing the 30/30, and sneaking in a minute here and there, but if I try to do more the hacking starts. Even with the occasional hack, it felt good to be out and semi running. Felt so good in fact, I did 2 miles! Come on lungs, heal thy selves!

Mile #33 down (wow, it really seems to be going fast now).

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