Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunsets, Golf Carts, and Summits Oh my!

Completed Mile #44 tonight with a 5 mile "Summit House" run.  Summit being the operative word here.  First summit crests at State College and Bastanchury....killer hill #1.  Then it's downhill on the trail ....couldn't really enjoy the downhill cause I'm so busy dodging the groves on the trail and so paranoid I'm gonna skid on the gravel and end up a bloody skinless mess.  Even with the hazards it's still a nice run....(if you like hills).

Once we got back on the road (heading towards "The Summit"), the hill is so steep we are running in slow motion.....some guy flys past us....not even breathing hard....while I'm counting the seconds to my next walk break.

Back on the trail (still heading toward "The Summit")....finally, just around the bend, there it is.  Just in time to see a huge orange sun setting to the west....the east is bathed in purples and pinks.  Ahhh, good things do not come easy, had to work for this one.

On the trail heading down from "The Summit", we met a golf cart.  The driver of the cart says, "Oh", and starts backing up.....all the way down the hill.  What the heck?  The trail is big enough for us and the cart...why is he backing all the way down the hill.  The answer is at the bottom.  Turns out this trail closes at sunset.  And golf cart guy had locked the fence.  If we'd have been 30 seconds later we'd have missed that cart and the Helens and I would have either had to slither on our bellys under the fence (there was about a foot and a half clearance) or we would have had to try to climb that 7 foot chain link fence.....or go back the 4 miles we had just come! 

Personally, sliding under that fence would have been my first pick.

Mile #44 summited.

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