Friday, March 25, 2011

Extra Points

When the alarm sounded at 5:45 am.....I listened (after punching the snooze button), yep, it's pouring.  I'll stay in bed a little longer....till it stops.  Exactly 9 minutes later the alarm woke me up again....yep, it's still pouring....snooze again.  9 minutes later, I wonder who figured 9 minutes was a good length of time, seems so random...why not a full 10 minutes?...anyway, 9 minutes later, it's still pouring.  Finally at 6:22 I figured the rain gods were against me and it was never going to stop and I had to "JUST DO IT (insert swoosh)" (Nike Nazis). 

It was pouring, but I had no other choice.  I thought maybe I could run at lunch time....but afraid to take the risk...what if it's still raining then?  At least if I do it now I have some control over how my hair looks afterwards, thereby giving me a glimmer of hope that it might look decent when I go to the theatre this evening.  So out I go, risking a grave illness....still have the lingering cough.  I can be such a drama queen.  Anyway, I buttoned up and even thought, why not try to run with an umbrella.  I bet I looked so lame, but my head and chest stayed dry.  Except for the gets really warm running with a thick jacket on. 

Impossible not to step in puddles.  Feet got soaked.  Cold wet feet, hot sweaty chest, if I survive this without getting pnemonia it will be shear luck.  It was raining so hard, the gutter looked and sounded like a rushing river....honestly....I thought I'd take a picture of the white caps to prove it, but I wouldn't dare take my coveted iphone out in this rain!

Mile #40 done.  Whoot Whoot!

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