Saturday, March 19, 2011

Late Night Solo Runs

Ok, so maybe they aren't so late night (7ish).  But I'm really starting to like these evening solo runs.  Would really love them if I could get over the fear of being attacked on a dark street corner, or tripping over a raised sidewalk in the dark albiet moonlit night.

Or maybe it's that I'm starting to come back from the land of the ILL.

Tonight I ran (can I really call it that with this 30/30 slow jog), over 30 minutes.  And completed 2.73 miles.  And didn't cough once!  Well, until I got home, let the hacking begin. 

But honestly, I think I am a little better.  I think the pesky little virus is not quite so much in my lungs and bronchial tubes, and is moving my sinuses....and ears (a little dizzy are we?)  Which is fine with me as long as it keeps moving up, till it exits the top of my head forming a golden little halo and then disipates.

Whoot Whoot!  Mile #34 Done!


  1. you should carry something metal (golf club, crow bar, or some branch that could be a running stick too) to beat people with, if running at night.

  2. Afraid I'd trip and hurt myself on a sharp instead I carry my trusty "jogger fogger"....I even tested it tonight (after a weird white van sport'in the name "Northgate Market" (you know the one) drove really slow past me....