Friday, March 4, 2011

19 Down 31 to Go

Had another Dr appointment this 7:30am....what was I thinking? Must have been my evil twin who made that appt. No way would I have time to run before.

Thought maybe I'd try running at lunch, but who wants to get all sweaty and then go back to work?

Didn't get home till 7:45pm. Hmmmm...a night time solo run. Could have been a real pit fall for me. But all day long (since about 6:15am when I realized I wouldn't have time to run in the morning), I'd been telling myself I would have to run after work. So I was in the right frame of mind.

One of the most uncomfortable runs so far. Dark, alone, hungry. My time probably would have been worse, but I swear at one point I heard footsteps behind me.....afraid to glance back cause I might trip and fall.....geeze, it's like a bad horror movie.

Mile #19 down.

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