Monday, March 28, 2011

Plans Change

When I woke up this morning (or rather as I was getting in bed last night), I'm am I going to pull of my Monday run?  It's so hard to get up early enough in the morning, hence why I was thinking about it as I was getting in bed.....cause it was super late.  I knew I had a meeting at 6pm this evening....and I don't leave work till 5 at the how to do it?

I had decided I would just be late to the meeting.....and hopefully not too sweaty by the time I got there after my mile.  But life continually shows me that no matter what I plan it can always change.  I always take the dogs out for a walk around the block first thing in the morning...I mean REALLY THE FIRST THING.  But Gus wasn't feeling so he didn't want to walk.  I took him back in and decided with just Sammy, I'd go ahead and do the mile with her.  So I have the mile done already, and I won't be late to my meeting tonight.  Ha, plans changed.

And just in case you are wondering......I fed Gussy some scrambled eggs for breakfast....and he seemed to be feeling a little better by the time I left this morning......keeping my fingers crossed.....otherwise.....plans could change again and I could end up at the vets tonight!  He's such a prima donna, and has the most delicate stomach ever....but the crazy thing is he will eat anything he can pick up off the ground.  He's a little neurotic.  Could probably use a few sessions with Cesar Milan.

Mile #43 done.......oh, and Sammy almost tripped me on our run....damn dog.

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