Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Running Streak

So last week I bragged to my Dr about my 50/50 (look how healthy I am, nanny, nanny, cancer). He total bursts my bubble. Tells me his bother ran a mile a day for 11 years. Tells me there's a "Running Streak Association". I googled it, it's true. The top runner has more than 40 years. 40 YEARS! That's like 14,610 miles....or 14,610 days in a row! Unbelievable. This makes my 50/50 seem so insignificant.

How do these people find the time?

Like today, I knew I couldn't run in the morning (unless I managed to drag my ass out of bed super early), I would not have the time to run, so the plan was to run right after work. But then I made plans to go out to dinner. What to do? Don't really want to run after dinner ...

a) it would be late and can be risky
b) who wants to run after dinner out?

So I went home right after work, changed clothes, ran my mile, changed clothes again and went out. How do those runners do this for almost 40 years? Running the mile itself doesn't take that long.....and throwing on running clothes and shoes doesn't take that long, heck anyone can find 15 minutes everyday. It's the timing part that gets in the way. Like running tonight at 5pm when it's 80 degrees, how can you not get sweaty?

I guess if you do it for 40 years you figure out a schedule. Come to think of it, I think the website says miles on treadmills count (I consider that borderline cheating), but I could see where if you had a treadmill it would make the daily mile much easier to achieve. I would definitely need a treadmill if I wanted to join the club (which I don't). Oh and to join the club you must have run every day for a year in order to be eligible. It's a pretty exclusive club!

Mile #24 done....and IF I wanted to join the club that would mean I'd only have to run 341 more days/miles to be eligible.

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