Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chicken Pox

In a previous post I said I'm trying to reflect on where I was in my life at the age corresponding to the mile I'm running that day. Well I've been way too sick for that nonsense last few days. But ironically, when I turned 31 I had the chicken pox.

Tamara brought the horrible little virus home from 1st grade. Two weeks later Denny who was 3 and I then got to experience the chicken pox together. I ran a fever of 104 for 7 days. I had more pox on my face than Denny had on his entire little body. I had chicken pox in places you wouldn't dream you could get a pox. They were even in my lungs.

So when I compare this illness to that, this is really very minor.

Mile #32 done, 30/30, Lungs still intact.

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