Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beating Heart

It's best to just get up and do it. Don't think about it and wonder if it would be ok to wait and run in the evening. Don't even think that it's Sunday and the one day that there is a glimmer of hope to sleep in late (damn dog). Just get up and do it, even before coffee.

After my mile I looked at my trusty Garmin and thought, I should walk 10 more minutes. I heard or read somewhere (in my mind is a vast collection of mostly useless information) that if you keep your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes you jump start your metabolism for something like 2 hours, thereby burning more fat.

So I walked. I hope my heart rate was fast enough walking. I actually wore my heart rate monitor this morning. At one point while running up the hill heart rate was 155, eeks, no wonder this feels so hard. While walking, heart rate dropped down to 105, and I thought I was walking pretty fast. Guess I should google what my optimum fat burning heart rate is. Wouldn't want to make the little sucker work any harder than it should. Like what if we only have a certain number of beats pre programed in our hearts. Wouldn't want to waste my beats running up a hill.

As I was removing my shoes at the door I see the paper on the floor. Ahhh, the Sunday did you get in? Denny must have put it there. Wow, he was out really late...or really early......

Mile #28 completed.

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