Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ever since the time change I've had a hard time getting up in the mornings.  So.....I haven't been running in the mornings....only in the evening.  Last night as I was going to bed I think I figured out why it's so extra hard to get up in the mornings....cause I'm going to bed later than usual.  I sure like the fact that it's light later...but dang the adjustment is so difficult!

Which leads me to.......Oh how I wished I had went to bed earlier last that I would have gotten up earlier this that I would have run in the morning........when it wasn't raining.

While I was waiting for a break in the rain this evening, I'm thinking, it's so very cold....what if I end up with pneumonia.  This crazy mission of mine takes all kinds of twists and turns.  Kind of cool though...if it were easy and convenient everyday it wouldn't be a challenge....and it wouldn't be so memorable.

Luckily I found a little window at about 7:45ish when the rain lightened up.  Eeks so cold though.  I actually wore a jacket....I never run in a jacket....of course half way through I was getting warm....

Mile #38 down, it is really going so fast now....

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