Friday, April 1, 2011

The Road to Glory

This evening on the way home from work I'm thinking I'd just as soon wait an hour or so and run later when it's cooler.  Since I was super hungry I stopped at Panda Express and took home dinner.  Had my dinner and resisted the urge to take a power nap (I can see it now....waking up from my nap at 11:55pm and spoiling it all!). 

So I signed onto FaceBook.  At the time of signing up for FB it seemed like a good idea to lie about my birth date.  I always do on things online.  I just don't care to have my personal information compiled by computer geeks and sold at their whim.  Well, wasn't such a great idea for FB.....cause I guess they send reminders to your friends telling them it's your BD, so I had to clear up that confusion (wouldn't want anyone to think I screwed up with my miles).

As a side note, I have tested Gmail....they scan all outgoing and incoming mail and you'll notice (if you use gmail) that when you open an email oh say it's about running, there will be ads regarding running gear.  Or let's say your personal email is about movies....there will be ads regarding movies.  I've tested this.  Wanted to see what they'd do if an email was about bombs and guns.  No ad for that one.  Test it for yourself.  I'm sure yahoo and hotmail are doing the same thing.  And I'm probably on some list that the secret service or FBI keeps because of that email regarding bombs.

Anyway, saw an old friend on FB and started chatting.  Eeeks!  I need to run.  Late run tonight 9:20pm, was cool when I first started out, but ended up hot after half a mile.  I almost prefer the rain....almost.  At least the threat of pneumonia is gone with this heat.

Mile #47 completed.....ONLY 3 MORE TO GO!!!!!

Oh, and my fortune from my "fortune cracker"  I prefer the term cracker because let's face it, if it doesn't have chocolate chips, sprinkles, icing, or a cream is not a cookie.  "Your Road To Glory Will Be Fulfilling".  How did those wise folks at Panda know?  They must be in cahoots with gmail ;)  Already at mile #47 I feel fulfilled, this journey has turned into more than I ever thought it would be.  Tamara has asked me a couple of times "what are you going to do after 50".  I don't know....she says I should do another 50 for 50 more years.  I do know that it will be hard to just stop after 50.

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