Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'd like to thank the academy....oops, wait...that's a different speech.  (Clears throat).....First a huge Thank-You to John, for giving me the idea....well, ok, technically I stole John's idea, but it's only because I am so uncreative, and completely incapable of coming up with such a great idea on my own.  Thank you John for not complaining too much about my blatant theft.....and I still expect you to do your own 50/50, and I also expect an account via blogging, on every single mile.

My second huge Thank-You goes out to Kristine....girl, if you hadn't taken me out to dinner that faithful night (the first mile night), I, one, don't know if I would have remembered about this little odyssey I was contemplating.  And two...I don't think I would have had the motivation to get out and do it if I had remembered.  If it weren't for you girl, I doubt that this journey would have ever been started.  Thanks for motivating me that night, and thanks for accompanying me on mile #1.

Thanks to Julie P. for coaching me that first year.  She helped me to see how my attitude got in my way, she also taught me that I could do way more than I thought I could do.

Thanks to Julie H. for getting as excited about this journey as I, and getting others fired up about it too.

Thanks to everyone who asked me "what mile is it today?", and everyone who ran with me, or ahead of me, if I didn't have such a great group to run with (or behind), I wouldn't have the motivation to keep coming out and running.

What to do now......


  1. What to now? Keep running!

    I am so proud of you! You are an encouragement and challenge to so many! One day I hope to be like you :D

  2. Correction: What to DO now?!?