Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sacrificial Lambs and Abandonment Issues

There are occasions on our runs when someone has to be the sacrificial lamb.  When I first started running, 5 or OMG 6 years ago (has it really been that long?), when training with Julie Payne (pronounced P-A-I-N there's a reason that was her last name) she would at times pick one person to "help" that run.  That was the person we considered the sacrificial lamb.  If she picked someone to torture, we knew we were pretty much in the clear, could maybe sneak in an extra walk and possibly slack a little....as long as she didn't glance back and catch you.....and if she did, then watch out, cause you then risk becoming the lamb.

We are no longer in a formal training class, we just run with a group of friends, but recently on our last two runs I have been that sacrificial lamb.  On Saturday Missy decided she wants to partake of the 1/1.  So Helen C., Alicia, and I start running with her.  Problem is Missy (over achiever that she is) has a time goal.  Starting out Alicia was the lamb, while Helen C. and I ran behind them....at one point Alicia looked longingly back at us (I must admit that I was kinda laughing inside).  Later in the run Helen C became the lamb.

At some point I ended up the lamb.  I don't know how it happened....and I think Helen and Alicia had planned it (next time I will be more careful).  At mile 4 ish they shout out (cause of course they are behind us since Missy is pushing me to run faster than my comfort zone) "We are going to turn around now...we don't want to do 10 miles".....what...WTF?  are you two really abandoning me?

I did manage to complete the 10 miles, but by the time we got back Helen & Alicia were long gone, thanks biatches gals.

Fast forward to tonight, Margaret has decided to run with us.....uhm...yeah....Margaret is a kick ass runner....damn....how are we going to slack now?  I am struggling in the beginning, breathing ridiculously hard and feeling like crap for the first mile or so (as usual).  Missy and Margaret are in the front (whoo hoo, we found our sacrificial lamb (Missy)).  True to form, I am complaining about how difficult it is for me. 

Margaret keeps looking back.....

While she is a serious kick ass runner, Margaret is one of the most geographically challenged people that I know .  She can get lost running in the park.  We tried to convince her to stick with the fast runners (whom we consider "elite"), but no...she is determined to run with us slackers, claiming that she does not know the route,  (secretly I'm thinking Julie P, has commissioned her to push us).   We managed to get separated from Missy and Margaret at an intersection (yeah baby!).  Missy kept running.....but wait, Margaret is waiting for us on the other side.  Crap.  I was planning on walking once we got to the other side.... or at the very least reducing the run time and increasing the walk time, but with her waiting, I'm ashamed to slack like the lazy bum I am.

Uhg, light turns green, us slackers run across, and Margaret waits for us to catch up and then starts running.  Again Helen and Alicia hold back.....  I end up the sacrificial lamb........yet again.

I finished the run with Margaret, and ultimately Helen and Alicia weren't too far behind.  But Margaret did push me out of my comfort zone, just like Missy did on Saturday.  Looking back on it...it's not such a bad thing to push the comfort zone.

Makes me think of a T.S. Eliot quote:  Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.


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