Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Here I sit at 9:18pm, watching Survivor on DVR, with a full tummy.  Denny and I just got back from dinner out.  I had figured I would just keep doing the mile a day until something came up that got in the way of doing it. 

Rewind to this morning.  I'm eating my breakfast, and thinking about the things I've been meaning to do.  I know I will forget all about them as soon as I finish eating, so I grab a post-it and make a list.

Later in the morning I pull out the list and attempt to tackle some of the items.  Call GW....?  What or who is GW?  Great Western?  George W.?  Green Weed?  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?  Who am I supposed to call?  And what do I say when I call?   I have no idea, so I go to item #2.  Post Sm desk? hmmm.......Oh yeah, I know  Post the small desk that I no longer need on Craigs List and try to sell it.  I've posted to CL before, but never actually sold anything.  I think I'll post that outdated entertainment center that's been cluttering up the gargage that I've been trying to get rid of for almost a year now too.

Back to GW.....WHAT DOES IT MEAN??  Only 2 days into 50 and my memory is gone.  Ok, maybe this has happened before.....I need to be less cryptic with my notes to self.

Wow, already got a hit on CL.

Forget about GW and maybe it will pop in my head.

Another hit on CL....maybe I priced the desk too low....

GOODWILL!!!!!!!!!!!  Call Goodwill and see if they will pick up some of this other stuff I've been trying to get rid of.  Like the out dated entertainment center that no one wants that I've posted on CL before.

Never did call GW dang it.  Four people interested in desk!

7pm, cash in hand, desk is sold!  So Denny and I decide to take the $$ and celebrate (hence the full tummy). 

So here I sit and I'm thinking maybe "what to do next" is to try what Bob G. did.....Do 50 things that are outside of comfort zone.  Although, I think I'll tweak it to fit me.  I think I'll do 51 things that I've never done before, and if they take me out of my comfort zone all the better, but not a requirement.

So #1  Sold something on Craigs List......and lived to tell about it...a little uncomfortable because of the risk of a serial killer coming to get the desk (everyone knows half the people on CL are maniacal serial killers right?).

     #2  Lead a birthday parade for a mile, and allow myself to be the focus of attention, definitely out of the comfort zone here.

I think there was something else that I've done, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was.

Survivor is over, it is now 10:45 pm.....the mile is not going to be run tonight, streak ends at 51 (Dr. L's brother wins).

2 things down, 49 to go.


  1. Oh Cindy...I'm so happy to see that you are continuing with your blog! I love reading it and would have missed it, had you stopped writing it! Hmmmm...51 things that are out of your comfort zone. The wheels are starting turn in my head!!!

  2. I think I'll miss it if I just quit cold turkey...and I do still have the race miles to complete...and now the 51 things. I'll just keep doing it till I run outta stuff to say, miles to run, or things to do. Glad you enjoy reading it.....although it is going to take on a different feel now that the miles are done...