Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Tree

While out to dinner tonight with family the subject of my blog came up.  Made me reflect on how darn easy it has been for me to stop blogging, and stop running.  I'm still doing my regular group runs, but the daily mile was abandoned after mile #51.  I thought it would be so hard to stop, but it wasn't.  I thought it would be hard to stop blogging, but it wasn't.  Don't really feel like there is anything to write about now that the miles are done, and I haven't ran a race since that torturous Brea 8K.

Reflecting on it while driving home I realized, I need to get on the ball with my "51 New Things".  Wondering what should I do next.....  We had Indian food tonight for my second time.  First time was about 2 months ago....wish I had decided to do the 51 things earlier, cause "trying Indian food" could have been one of them.  Also, if I had decided earlier, "writing a blog" could have been one too.  Too late, only the new things that I do after declaring I'm gonna do 51 new things count (my rules).

To change the subject..... (kind of):

On Sunday morning approximately 1:00am 4 people in a pickup truck were killed and 2 others were injured.  Ages ranged from 21 to 25.  Two were 22 year old males, a 25 year old male, and a 22 year old female.  Survivors are 21 and 25 year old females.  Reports state they were speeding, driver lost control of the vehicle, ended up skiing on 2 wheels, and collided with a tree.  Beer cans were found in the vehicle, accident could be a result of alcohol and over crowding in vehicle. 

It is not up to me to judge who did what.  I must admit there was many a time in my early 20's that I did things just as dangerous.  I am sorry this has happened to these young people.  I am sorry for the families left behind. 

This accident happened on the same street that I did my solo miles on.  I must have ran past that tree  close to 30 times....actually 60, cause I would run half mile up, and half mile down. 

On the way home from dinner I stopped at the store and purchased a candle, you know those tall glass ones.  I drove to the tree, lite my candle, and placed it on the curb with the other ones at the makeshift memorial.

Thing #3, placed a candle burning at a street memorial for strangers.

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