Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can't Say Hello Yet.

Ok, so I just have to do it.

While I was writing my previous post I thought should I mention it?  But decided not to.  And now if just keeps bugging one shoe dropping, but not the other one.  Or getting one hand wet and not the other one (ok, maybe that's a little weird and most people think huh?  what's wrong with that?  But it bugs me and I have to wet the other hand).

That run at the fairplex.  The one where we ran on the race track.  I had a flash back.  To the 70's.  Probably 78 or 79 to be specific.  That was a long time ago, and I'm super fuzzy on the details.  But I believe I was there for some kind of Mickey Thompson race thingy.  I think my friend KV had won tickets to it from the radio station (she was ALWAYS winning things like that, we saw Nazareth at the forum that same year, she's still winning stuff, recently won a trip to Hawaii from her employer). 

ANYWAY, we were at the race track, I'm sure there was some drinking involved, and who knows what else (it was the 70's after all).  We are standing in line for the ladies room, seriously have to pee, the line is ridiculously long.  We notice that there is no line for the men's room.  So some of us girls decide to leave the long ladies line and just go for some quick relief in the men's room.

I don't think anyone was in there when we first entered....but like I said I'm sure there was drinking involved, so it's a little sketchy.  We pop in the stalls, go real quick and by the time we exit the stalls the room is filling up......with guys.  High tailed it outta there, and got out unscathed....well there was some ass grabbing.

Learned my lesson.  No matter how many times in the last 30 some odd years since that I've stood in line for the ladies room and looked longingly at the lineless men's room, no matter where I am, movies, baseball game, upscale theatre, I flash back to that race track and decide, nah, I'll just wait my turn thank you.

So there you have it....dirty little secret revealed.

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