Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things Aren't Always As They Appear

Today at work I thought "Oh, I have to blog about that!". 

I think I'm safe here, because I do not believe I've told anyone at work about this blog.  And even if I have mentioned it, I'm 99.9% sure I never gave the web address or anything.

Someone is standing in my office, about a foot or so from my desk, and has just handed me paperwork, and is now discussing it.  Then he picks his the middle of the conversation.  Not one of those discrete picks with a, full on finger in his fricken nose pick. 

This is one of those times when my mouth is saying one thing but my brain is saying something completely different.  My brain is saying "Dude, WTF?"  "Hello? do you not see me here, looking right at you?", "Are you seriously going to stand there and pick your nose right in front of me?", "And if you get anything out, what the hell are you going to do with it?  Leave it here?...... in my office?

This is the same guy who was out sick the previous 2 days.  And now he is standing in my office picking his nose......WTF. 

No wonder I have this obsession with washing my hands.

And then my day got even more exciting.

Driving home from work I was going to stop at the library.  This particular street is in the "downtown" area.  It's 2 lanes on either side and not wide enough for left hand turn lanes.  I'm in the left lane, as I approach the car ahead of me I see the left blinker on and that he is stopped, waiting to turn left.  As I come to a stop I hear the car behind me screeching, trying to stop.  I watch in my rear view mirror and cringe at the sound and how fast it looks like she's coming, crap, is the car gonna stop?  I ease up on my brakes and roll a foot or two forward just to try to give her more room, but don't want to get too close to the car in front of me so I'm not propelled into him.

And then she hits me. 

We turn left into a parking lot and as soon as she gets out of the car she apologizes.  She says she will pay for it.  I say "Well you have insurance right?"  She looks at me and says no.  I look at my car, the bumper is pretty messed up (the same bumper that I lovingly protected from getting scratched by those bicycle handle bars that time I stole those bikes (allegedly)), man this is the second time I have been rear-ended in this car.  And I tell her that.  I tell her it can be pretty expensive.  She tells me she knows someone who can fix it.  I look at her and think "I have been watching a lot of Peoples Court lately and that never works out well".

I don't really know what to do.  If she had insurance we would just exchange information.  I feel badly for her because she seems genuinely sorry for what she's done, but that's not going to fix my car. I end up calling the police because I'm thinking I need a report in order to file a claim with my insurance.  She asked me several times "please don't do that, they will impound my car".  But it my fault she's driving without insurance?  And as it turns out without a license?  At least she speaks english somewhat.

While waiting for the police to arrive she is talking on her cell phone.  I cannot understand what she is saying.  She gets into her car and starts writing something down.  I start to worry that maybe she is going to just drive off.  So I take a picture of her rear license plate (turns out the insurance company loves this...although they would have loved it more if it was a picture of her front bumper with license plate instead).  While I'm checking out her rear bumper I see that she has a lot of damage there, so much that even her trunk lid is tweaked.  So I start really looking at her vehicle.  It is all beat up.  Front, back, sides, what has she been doing, playing bumper cars?

The police come, a report is filed, he tells her he cannot let her drive away because she does not have a license.  Says that she needs to call someone to come and drive the car for her, otherwise he will have to have it towed.

So here's the deal.....I am licensed.  I pay my insurance premiums, have paid them since I purchased my first car.  And now my uninsured motorists coverage is going to pay to repair my car.  This seems so unfair to me.  Why do some of us have to follow the rules and yet others do not?  And the consequence for not following the rules in this case is you don't get to drive away from the scene of the accident, you must have a licensed driver come and drive your car for you.

I go to the library and get what I need.

When I leave I realize I am very hungry.  I was planning on going to the store after the library, but now it's late and I really don't want to go.  I run through the options.....decide the last thing I want is fast food.  I see "Fresh And Easy" and decide maybe I can just do a little grocery shopping. 

I choose a few things and then go to the register.  And then I remember why I don't come to this store.  You have to scan your own groceries and bag them.  Crap.  I scan my groceries, it take a long time because unlike the trained professionals I do not know where all the bar codes are and I have to search for each one, scan the item, put it in the bag.  When the bag is full I remove it and place it in the cart.  The machine starts saying "an item has been removed from the bagging area".  This is why I do not like to do this.  I feel like the stupid machine is harassing me.

When all the groceries are scanned, bagged, and placed in the cart, I pay.  The damn machine tells me over and over again to give it cash or a debit card.  Finally I managed to shove my $20's in the slot.  The whole time this is happening, I'm noticing that there are 7 or 8 people standing around chatting.  Some are wearing green shirts and some are wearing blue shirts.  One of the blue shirts comes up to me and asks if she can have my receipt.     "?"

I look at her, she says for every $20 spent they can turn it in and receive one dollar for the school.  I'm thinking..... "come on, I've had a crappy day.  First someone picked their nose in my office.  Then I was rear-ended by an unlicensed, uninsured, limited english driver.  I'm hungry.  I've picked out my groceries and now I've had to scan them and bag them myself, while all 8 of you stand around and chit chat, while I'm doing your job."

What I say is "What school?"  She tells me the name and then begins to tell me where it is located.  I tell her that's ok, yes she can have my receipt, and I hand it to her.  She thanks me.  And then I ask, "so do I have to scan my own groceries and bag them everytime I come here?"  She says sometimes there are people who will scan them at the front registers.  I say "I have to tell you, it's a little annoying for me when I have to scan them myself while there are 8 of you standing around chit chatting"

She then tells me that she doesn't work there.  Everyone wearing a blue shirt is volunteering for the school to collect receipts.  Only the green shirts are employees.  "Oh, well then, you don't have to scan my groceries for me".  Geeze, is the day over yet?

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