Thursday, July 26, 2012

This IS Bizarro World!

This morning I posted on Facebook (I rarely ever do....I mean really, it just seems so narcissistic....much like this blog may appear to some), anyway, I decided to share on FB today because of the unusual experience.

I had an 8:10am appointment at the DMV.  The appointment wasn't for was a work thing.  Had to change the registration on one of our trucks.  When we purchased it in 1995 the dealer registered it as a "CB" (Cab) instead of a "ST" (Stake Bed).  All has been fine for the 17 years since.  Until last month.  CHP pulled over our driver at a weight station in San Onofre and "inspected" the vehicle.  Gave a list of items that needed to be corrected.  Must have been a slow day in San Onofre, sheesh.

Every issue has been corrected.  Last on the list, change the registration.  So I send someone to the DMV Tuesday to have the truck inspected.  Afterwards they ask him for the title.  Of course I sent all the original paperwork with him....except for the title.  I make another appointment with DMV and figure I'll just go in on my way to work. 

So here's the FB post:

---As I was leaving this morning I tell Denny "guess where I get to go the morning...".  He never guesses so I tell him "The DMV."  He says "Ah, as Dane Cook would say "Satan's Asshole".  They are wrong, appt was at 8:10.....I'm done at 8:21.  AND I even asked an unrelated question and got an answer!  All in all a pleasant experience :)  Maybe I've stepped into Bizaroland.---

When I checked my inbox this morning there were credit card receipts in it.  From the guy that never turns in his receipts.  Despite my  constant nagging and harassing politely asking for them to be turned in as they are accumulated, he usually waits until the statement comes and I tell him I have to have to have them now.  Usually by the time I finally do get them, they are faded, crumpled, and barely legible...well the ones I get, because he ends up losing about 20% of them.  But not today.  He just got back from out of town and low and behold, what is that in my box?  What?  Really?  All of his receipts?  Wow.

Not 15 minute later, a co-worker walks into the office.  This particular co-worker happens to be the owners wife.  She works part-time, part-time.  Which basically means she comes and goes as she pleases.  And it's been even worse's like part-time, part-time, part-time.  She usually comes in anywhere between 11am and 1pm.
When she walked in my office at 9:05am  I blurted out "It is Bizzaro World!"

I am still trying to remove my foot from my mouth.

And the kicker is I'm DYING to post the rest of it on FB, but I'm FB friends with both of these people so I CAN'T!

I'm kinda liking Bizzaro World.....

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