Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thank you for Praying for me..... Or....... Happy Thursday to you too.

On my way to work this morning I stopped at the ATM to deposit a couple of checks, and grab a little mad money.  Parked my car, and as I was walking up to the ATM, one of those big vans pulled up next to the curb, you know the kind like you can go camping in, a little longer and taller than the normal van, they usually have strips going along the sides, and the spare tire is attached to the rear door.  This particular van was a little dirty, and an older model.  The first thought that flashed through my mind was "come on, you can't just pull up to the curb....park in the lot like the rest of us....what are you trying to do?  beat me to the ATM"? 

I arrive at the cash machine first, the machine to my right is already being used by another woman.  I start my deposit.  The man from the van has gotten in line behind me.  He is standing too close for comfort.  He is invading my "ATM Personal Space".  Everyone knows that there is an invisible barrier of at least 5 feet (personally I am more comfortable with 8-10') around the person using the ATM, sheesh.  I do the little glance back thing, which is universal for "Back off Asshole, you are standing too close".  He doesn't move.  I then look at the woman to my right, and see that the woman from the van is standing behind her.  Also too close.  I think to myself "are they Asian?", because I've discovered Asians do not have the same personal space needs as I do, and I'm learning to accept that.  Nope, they are Caucasian. 

The man then goes back to the passenger side of the van and starts talking to himself.  Appears the woman has left the passenger door open.  I feel a little better because I now have the adequate ATM space I deserve.  He closes the door and comes back complaining about how she can't even close a door (I hear the words helpless, lazy and idiot). Of course he again stands too close to me. 

The woman to my right finishes her business and leaves, and the woman from the van takes her place, but before she touches the machine she asks the man if he wants to use it.  He mumbles something....must have been no.  She starts her transaction.  And here is how their conversation proceeds:

Him:  I have to sign that check (said with venom, sarcasm, and pure hate)
Her:  I already did, I signed your name (said much the same)
Him:  Pft, it's not made out to you it's made out to me.
Her:  Pft, it's going in my account.
Him:  mumbling and complaining.

Wow, I can't believe they are talking to each other like this.

Her:  Do you want me to get cash out?
Him:  Does it tell you the balance?
Her:  Yes it does, if you ask it. Well it will print it on the receipt if you get one.
Him:  Well of course it will print a receipt, any idiot knows that, you are a stupid idiot if you think it won't print a receipt.

He continues to mumble and name call.

I have managed to keep my mouth shut.  I know I should stay out of it.  It is none of my business. 

My cash finally spews from the machine, I pull my receipt out of the jaws of the ATM, and as I leave the machine,  I say one word "Unbelievable".  And walk away.  He says "Lady, I hope you go to Hell".  She says, "Jack be quite".  He goes on to say "Who do you think you are?  You are a Bitch",  I think to myself, shit, this guy really is a freak.  I shouldn't have said anything, what if he's violent.  As I open my car door he shouts to me, "You don't know anything, mind your own business".  I get in the car, lock the doors, look back, he is now using the ATM I vacated.  Whew! 

Now safe in the car, I scan the parking lot, decide instead of waiting for the light and making the left hand turn to go west towards work, I will turn right so I can make a quick exit.  I roll down my window, make a u turn, and drive past them.  I shout to the woman "Lady, you need to leave that guy.  You don't need to take that.  Do yourself a favor!" He turns from the ATM and says "You are Satan!  I will pray for you".

And there you have it.  Called a Bitch, told to go to hell, told I'm Satan himself, and that I will be prayed for....all before I even get to work.


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