Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I don't know if it was a good idea......

Part 1

I had my 4 month oncology appointment this morning.  Kinda funny....Dr. L. asks me "So what do you think of Anglelina Jolie?"  I'm such a visual person.  The moment he asked me that what passed through my mind was her in a scene from a movie, I think it was "SALT".  I thought, I wonder what her boobs look like now. 

BUT thats not what this post is about.  There is a Panera Bread just across the street from the medical building.  I exit the parking structure and head to Panera.  I figure I'll pick up something to have for lunch later at work.  I see a homless guy wearing a tourqouise t shirt walking on the sidewalk.  Of course my mind wanders and I think of Kelly Thomas (I am in the city of Fullerton after all).  I thought of how those cops beat him to death.  And thought of how the human body is so resilent and how much damage human beings would have to inflict on a human body to actually beat it to death.  I wondered what Dr. L thought of that.  With the miracle of current medical science they could not repair Kelly Thomas.  And what was going through those cops mind's at the time....and what goes through their minds now?

I park my car, go into Panera and immediately see a braided pecan pastry thing and oh how I want one of those.  But I'm here to get lunch for later today.  For my side I choose an Asiago cheese bagel.  It's like a two fer, I can make a chicken sandwich for dinner tonight.

Just as I finish placing my order the homeless guy in the tourqouise t-shirt is standing next to me.  He's looking at the bread and says "That bread sure looks good".  I ask him if he wants something.  He looks at the dollars in my hand.  He almost reaches out for them, but doesn't.  Instead he says I'd like a couple of dollars to buy some of it.  I told him I wouldn't give him any dollars, but I'd buy him something to eat if he'd like.  He said he wanted bread.  I offered him the asiago cheese bagel.  He said he wanted breakfast....eggs.  On the register in front of us there is a picture of a breakfast sandwich with chibatta bread, egg, bacon, and cheese.  I asked if he would like that sandwich.  He said oh no, cause everything would touch the bread.


 I ask the kid behind the counter if we could get a scrambled egg.  Kid never looks at the guy, he tells me they don't make scrambled eggs, but can give us a cooked egg.  I ask homey if that's ok, he seemed hesitant.  I told him it would be like an egg from Mc Donalds.  That was ok with him, he said he wanted egg and cheese..  Then Homey says he wants bread.  He looks at the bagles.  He says the asiago cheese bagel looked good.  So I told him he could have mine.  But it's not warm he says.  I ask the kid to slice it and toast it for us.  Homey is a little intrigued by the process.  He says ah, see he's cutting it.  Then the kid puts it in the toasting machine and Homey says, oh no, what's he doing with it?  I told him he was warming it for him.  Homey seems a little nervous about what's happening with the bagel.

I ask Homey if he would like something to drink.  He says water.  The kid tells him they have water in back, this time the kid actually looks at Homey (I think he's warming up to him).  Homey prefers a bottle of water.  Then he also wants a bottle of orange juice.  I tell the kid to ring it up (if we stand here much longer Homey is gonna pick more items!).  I put my cash away and pull out my debit card and smile at the kid. 

They are calling my name down the counter....the food is ready.  Homey is a little overwhelmed by the whole thing.  I'm starting to wonder if this was such a good idea.....

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