Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maybe it is Cheating.

This morning's mile was run with running buddies.

We have spent so many Saturday mornings together running that it has become a habit. I wonder how many miles we've covered in the years. It's how we start our weekend. And what better way to start the weekend then running with good friends .

I don't know what I like the most, the exercise that we get, the conversations we have, or the adventures we sometimes find. Like had rained so hard yesterday we didn't know what the morning would bring, yet it turned out to be perfect.

We saw a rooster crowing in a tree at Tri-City Park. Along the trail were Donkeys, geese, pigs, two big scary dogs (behind a short fence), and a sign on a miniature barn that claimed there were miniature horses inside.

How can you not enjoy a run like that?

It almost does feel like I'm cheating to count a run like this as my 50 in 50.

Mile #6 Done!

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  1. I feel honored that my mom Judi and I were able to share this mile with you! Brrr it was cold and those big doggies scared me but I still had fun!