Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes it is so hard to get going.

So hard getting started tonight. Even with running buddies! Tonight did not feel like cheating. We even joked about turning around and forgetting about it. Well, Alicia was joking, but I really would have turned around at the half mile mark and called it a night.

We had a 4.6 mile run planned. At about a mile and a half I wanted to take a short cut....but I couldn't talk anyone else into it. Come on, we are at the back of the one will even know! Unless we managed to get in front of them......

Then at about mile 3 a funny thing happened. This started feeling like a great run. Wow, am I glad I didn't turn around at 1/2 a mile!

At about mile 3.25 Mark was hinting at a shortcut....but he couldn't talk anyone else into it. (Alicia and I are feeling great at this point!). We had one more opportunity to cheat at about mile 3.8, but by now we were all determined to finish.

Amazing how getting started can be so hard and yet it ends so fantastically.

I think I'll count that first difficult mile as mile #11.

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