Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I think I'll change the name of my blog to "Journey of a Thousand Miles".  Too easy to neglect my blog unless I have a real project to blog about.  So I'm thinkin I'll start counting my miles run until I get to 1,000.

Tonight I should log my first miles of my thousand....assuming I can run cause I stubbed my baby toe Saturday afternoon (stubbed is actually not the right word for it, more like tried to rip it from my foot), OMG it hurt so bad, all I could think was please don't let it be broken I have to run a half marathon next weekend!

There is some bruising and some swelling, but I don't think anything is broken (more like ripped and torn probably) LOL, gawd sounds awful doesn't it?

I limped around rest of the day Sat, and then limped some more on Sun. Monday I had a serious pain in my calf half thought maybe it was a blood clot (from all the bleeding around my baby toe), but that's stopped too so maybe my calf was cramping cause of the limping, geeze, I really can be a drama queen.

So as long as I can stuff the foot in my running shoes (most of the swelling has gone down), and it doesn't hurt I'll be running tonight, and starting my Journey of a Thousand Miles.

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