Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Victory, Sweet Victory

Still riding the high from the victorious race a little more wine tasting was in store.  I had purchased a Groupon for Chocolate and Wine tasting at Rutherford Ranch Winery. 

I realize I come off as very chic and sophisticated (wink wink), but this was a new experience for me.  I would never dream of pairing chocolate with wine, the extent of my wine knowledge is "red meat, red wine, chicken and fish, white wine".

First came a Chardonnay paired with a Lemon White Chocolate, amazing.  Next was a Pinot Noir with a Light Toffee.  Then came a Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon with a Dark Cherry Chocolate.  Last but certainly not least was a Zinfindal Port paired with a Chili and Sea Salt Cocoa.  My taste buds were awakened in an amazing way!

Beautiful setting, beautiful wine, decadent chocolate, this is the life!

To top off a fabulous day, a fabulous meal was next.  The sommelier recommended we stop in Yountville for dinner at Redd, so glad we took her advice! 

More flavor explosions!  This is from the bar menu, pork buns with hoisin and asian slaw, tastes even better than it looks......dang forget Fuzio!  Now I'll have to go back to Yountville for Pork Buns!

What a way to end a race day!  Fabulous wine, fabulous chocolate, and fabulous food!

Thing #13, Chocolate and Wine tasting.

Think #14, ate at Redd in Napa Valley.


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