Monday, August 1, 2011

Logging in the Miles

I had taken some time off work to enjoy the Napa trip.  Race was on Sunday, drive home was Monday, and I relaxed at home on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday evening was a regular running day with the group.  I figured I'd just do an easy run maybe 2 to 3 miles max. 

Because I had taken the day off work my time schedule was off and ended up arriving at the meeting place late(er than usual), 10 minutes late.  The group had already left, but I knew which route they were running (or thought I did) so I decided I'd go ahead and start running and cut it short so I would be finished at the same time as the group.

Running down State College I was thinking "This isn't so bad".  Wasn't nearly as hot as I thought it was going to be, and State College was nice and shady.  I kept looking ahead figuring that I'd see someone up ahead, but never did. 

And then it went from "This isn't so Bad" to "This sucks", as I started climbing the hill.  Started thinking I'd just get around the corner, cut through the park, get back on State College at Rolling Hills, run back to the store and wait for the group to arrive.

As I'm cutting through the park I see some runners coming towards me.  My Group!  How did they get behind me?  Shoot, now I'm caught.  I considered pretending I didn't see them and running right out of the park and sticking with my plan.  But that just made me feel creepy, so I met up with them and ran back....wishing I'd done the creepy thing, taken the short cut, and met them at the store instead.  Ended up running 4.36 miles.

Saturday was a fairly easy run with 5.12 miles was actually more, but my Garmin took it's sweet time connecting with the satellites so didn't register the beginning of the run.

Next run was Tues 7/26 with 4.36 miles.  My nephew Anthony joined us for this run.  Although he didn't run it, he rode a bike at the trail instead.

Thursday 7/28 (4.89 miles) we all met at a new location and ran a new route, so fun to mix it up!  A little bit into the run I realized I was running the same streets that I taught Tamara and Denny to drive on.  When they first got their permits, we would go to an industrial parking lot after work.  I'd let them drive around in the lots to practice accelerating, braking and turning.  Once they (and me) felt comfortable we'd get on the road, and just drive up and down the streets of this same neighborhood.  Every time we finished our "driver's training" sessions, I'd get out of the car a little older than I was when I had gotten into the car.  Needless to say I was hoping while I was running those streets on Thursday that no one was there teaching their teenager to drive.

Saturday 7/30 an 8.3 mile run.

Monday 8/1 a solo 3.63 mile run.  Since I'm going to Support Group rather than running Tuesday.  While I thoroughly enjoy running with my group, sometimes a solo run feels good too.
Brings the grand total to:


For a total of 30.66 added to previous 19.78 equals 50.44 with 949.56 to go.

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