Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Toe

I was able to run last roll.......... 4.82 miles done, 995.18 to go.  Why the heck didn't I just run an additional .18 to make it an even 5?  Would certainly make the math a lot easier.  Note to self, run whole numbers or at the very least quarters, halfs or three-quarters!  I'll be running around in the parking lot afterwards trying to round it up, sheesh!

And just so we are clear, if I run in a race (still have to complete my 50 race miles this year, I'm at 24.26 down, 25.74 to go), I can count the race miles and count those same miles towards the thousand too, this will not be considered double dipping. 

So why did I name this post "Baby Toe"? 

Blogger has this page that shows if your blog has had a "hit" from google.  Shows the search words that matched.  Would you believe someone searched "baby toe".    This makes me so curious..... I wonder what they were lookin for. 

I do not get a lot of google hits, but some of them include "benefits to committing to running one mile a day", "goddess of victory has spoken" Winged Goddess of Victory Has Spoken "outside of comfort zone", "13 year old girl" Fickle as a 13 Year Old Girl "home of fabulous pizza" Why Crack is Bad (or Chuck E Cheese escapades)  and now "baby toe". 

Wonder what pervs were searching for a 13 year old girl, gross, no pervs allowed!  Bet the "Home of fabulous pizza" searcher was disappointed.  And still I wonder......why just "baby toe".......

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