Sunday, February 19, 2012


Someone reminded me this week that I've been slacking on the 51 new things.....

So....thing #28, ran around "The Rose Bowl", specifically ran around The Rose Bowl as part of the inaugural Pasadena Rock and Roll half marathon.

Two halfs in one month!

 I rock.

Can't believe I had the guts to do it.

No guts no glory.

Most inspiring sight on the course, there were several things I made a mental note, and only one of which I can remember.  A t-shirt saying something like "I'm stronger today than I was yesterday", I can so relate.

Funniest thing on the course, there was this guy dressed up like a court jester running up and down the route ringing a bell shouting "you are almost there"....this started at mile 3, I turned to the girl beside me and said "I can't stand it when people say that", to which she replied, "That guy ran 50 miles yesterday".  Ha, well, I guess in his perspective....

Saw him again at like mile 6 or 7, ringing that damn bell running and shouting "you are almost there".   I heard someone say "wow, that guy gets around", and someone else say, "that guy ran 100 miles yesterday".

Saw him one more time at the 13 mile marker, he was holding a sign that had the 13 crossed off leaving the .1 and the word "left".  He was a pretty good cheer leader.

Grossest thing on the course....why is it old men have to spit when they run....and why is it they can't manage to make their way to the right or the left to do it?

I really liked this course.  The weather was perfect, the event is well organized, the bands were great, and because of the switch backs I would see running buddies coming and going, they'd shout "Cindy!"......  ;)  the people running around me thought I was very popular.

I think I'll count the first mile of the race as my mile for the day.

And this mile a day thing really helped get me to the finish line.  It gets a little difficult at about mile 11, I kept thinking, you've got this.....just 2 daily miles.   Luckily the finish is a gradual down hill.  I feel like I finished strong.

5 miles down, 46 to go.

What the heck....thing #29, saw "Sugar Ray" perform live at the finish.

Ah, and thing #30 ate a burger at "Five Guys" can eat a burger guiltless after you run 13.1 miles.

Rock On!

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