Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm gonna say it again.....

What a difference a year makes.

Last year I ran the Brea 8K and battled my attitude the entire race.  This year I ran it and attitude was not a problem.  I think I have the "Gratitude Journal" to thank for this.  January 1st I started "A Year of Gratitude".  I write about something that I'm thankful for.  Usually it's simple things, like the sun warming me on a cold morning, how the dogs will do something cute and it makes me smile, or how I see fire in the sky during a sunset.

In the beginning I would write about the thing I was thankful for, but also wanted to write about the stuff that bugged me that day too.  But I couldn't write about what bothered me.  It's a Gratitude journal and I have to keep it pristine and only write about things I'm thankful for.   When I decided to do the journal, I didn't realize it was going to affect how I view things through out the day.  Because I know I can't write about the stuff that bugs me, I don't really allow myself to focus on the the annoying stuff.  Instead I find myself throughout the day looking for the stuff that I am thankful for.

And now to mile #13.  I think I'll count the last mile of the 8K as my mile for the day.  Thought seriously about counting the first mile, cause I totally rocked it.  But the last mile, that was the one I enjoyed the most.  I ran with Tamara, she was struggling for a few miles.  She's suffering from tendonites in her ankles and that's affecting her knees, hips, ect. (sing it "the foot bones connected to the shin bone").  We started doing some easy intervals on the Kramer downhill, and were able to keep with the intervals to the finish.

Was a good race.  We didn't break any records, but had a good run, and some good food afterwards.

Oh, and thing #31, ran a race with Tamara :)

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