Sunday, May 22, 2011

That Really Chaps My Hide

I have a beef with bicyclists.

Not bicyclists in general.  Heck I'd ride one the 9 miles to work everyday if I wasn't afraid some asshole in a car, talking on a cell phone would run me over.  My beef is with bicyclists who ride their bikes on the sidewalk.  And its not bicyclists riding their bikes on the sidewalk in general....its the bicyclists riding their bike on the sidewalk when there is a pedestrian (me) on said sidewalk.  Especially bicyclists who are riding their bikes on the sidewalk when there is a marked bike lane on the street.

While walking the dogs this morning I see a guy on a bike coming towards us.  I think to least he's traveling with traffic (which is what he's supposed to do).  We are walking against traffic (which is what we are supposed to do).  At this point he's about a third of the block in front of us....and closing in.  He does not have his hands on the handlebars.  There are about 5 driveways between us.  I'm thinking he's going to put his hands on the handlebars and steer his bike down one of those soon and get on the street (in the marked bike lane)  before he gets to us.

After he passes 3 of the driveways I begin to wonder "Is he? do I need to reel in the dogs? surely he's not so stupid as to risk getting tangled up with us."  Passes driveway #4!  Puts one hand on handle bar, begins to break, wobbles a little, I stop, pull the dogs closer to me.  Look him in the eyes and say, "Dude, Really?  You couldn't get on the street?"

He gives me a confused look as he continues past, one hand on the handlebar.....the other hand holding a cell phone to his ear.


  1. Hey maybe bikers on the sidewalk are afraid of that same asshole in a car on a cellphone...I know I am when I'm on my bike.

  2. True....and put the biker on a cell phone too........