Friday, March 2, 2012

Double Dog Dare

About 50 feet from my front door this morning I'm thinking, "I really don't feel like doing this right now......I could just turn around right now and go back in and run the mile after work".  But that thinking is too dangerous, so I kept right on going and did my mile.  My unbelievable 10:36 still shy of my best time last year, but amazing to me considering I was considering turning around.

If I continue with these 10+ minute miles I may just try to get down to a 9+ before I am done, but geeze, that would be running really fast, and it's soooo hard for me the first quarter mile.  I usually make up for it in the last quarter.

Mile #18 down, 33 to go.

Now to thing #32.  I managed to pull off another "thing" last night.  Tamara and I went to theater to see "Traces".  It's kind of like a circus act (without the animals).  I enjoyed it.  The performers are amazing athletes and do things I wouldn't think possible if I hadn't seen it myself.

I'm not going to count seeing the show as thing #32,'s what I did there that's the thing.

We arrived early and got to our seats.  There was a large screen at the stage.  There was a camera stationed out in the lobby that was broadcasting.  Tamara said she had noticed the camera when we walked by.  As usual I was oblivious to my surroundings and never saw it.  Mostly it was people just walking by, not paying the camera any attention.  Occasionally someone (usually of the younger persuasion) would come up to the camera and "perform". 

I dared Tamara to go out there and do something.  She refused.  I double dog dared her, she still refused.

As it got closer to show time, I decided I would go to the bathroom, there was no intermission and as soon as I know I can't go to the bathroom, I have to go pee. 

Tamara was like:  If you go you have to do something in front of the camera.

Do you double dog dare me?


OK then.

You have to point to your eyes and then point to the camera (I'm watching you).


Thing #32, did something silly in front of a camera for the entire theater to witness.

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