Friday, March 9, 2012

Solar Storm?

Could it be the solar storm that is affecting me?  I actually googled "solar storm effects on humans" and came up with a couple of web sites.  They seem a little "out there", but I could easily believe this stuff.  Like why wouldn't it effect humans?  How can something effect the earth's magnetic field, shut down electric grids, destroy transformers, disrupt GPS systems, and kill satellites without affecting humans?

Although my symptoms have been happening for over a week now.  At first I thought I wasn't getting enough sleep (and I still am not going to bed earlier).  Then I thought it's my diet (or lack of a diet)...I'll admit, I've made some bad choices the burrito I ate yesterday....oh and the donut too.  But solar storm, now that's something I can wrap my head around.  And it takes the pressure right off of me.

One of the sites lists symptoms experienced by people all around the world due to sun flares.....I have practically every symptom.  It must be the storm.  It can't possibly have anything to do with what I'm putting in my body, or how much rest my body is getting.  Definitely the sun.  I must just be super sensitive to it.  Yeah, that's it.

It goes on to explain that the solar flares and photon waves effect us on a cellular level, that we have cellular memory and this energy awakens the memories and helps to clear them.  Says we have low frequency energy stored in our cells from past experiences and traumas that we've experienced but never processed.  The photon energy is of a much higher frequency and it pulls the lower emotional frequency energy to calibrate it with the high frequency, allowing us to release these low frequency memories.

Now here's why I can be apt to believe this crap.  Lately I have had these random thoughts.  Memories of the past.  Not necessarily traumatic or painful.  Just random things that come to mind.  Maybe a conversation I had with someone years ago, or a memory of an experience.  Very random and completely out of the blue.  Every time I have one of these thoughts it is very vivid, and completely unrelated to what I'm doing at the time.  They come from "out of nowhere".  It's been happening for a couple of weeks at least, and every time it happens I think "where did that come from".  This morning after having one of these random memories surface I there something I'm supposed to do with these?  Is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

I've been feeling so "worn out" lately.   I've attributed it to not getting enough sleep, but according to this website, this cleansing of my cellular memory, takes a toll on the body and can cause exhaustion.  I've had bad runs before, but not like this.  Usually a run can start out as a struggle, but when I'm done I feel good about it afterwards.  But not lately, they've been struggles, and I'm just glad when it's over with.  But I wonder....could there really be something to this solar storm stuff?  I think I'll make a note of it and see if it happens again next time there's a solar storm (my own clinical study here).....although I'll probably forget about it by next time, cause these flares are effecting my short term memory too (another symptom).

One very tough mile done this morning, #25 done, 26 to go.

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