Monday, March 5, 2012

Flirting with danger

This morning I just didn't want to run.  But I told myself I had to, just get it over with, will be too hard to do it after work.  I strapped my Garmin to my wrist only to discover it was dead.  That was just enough to push me over to the edge.  I'll run after work. 

On my way to work, I thought, I need to be very careful....I could accidentally forget about running, and waste what I've done so far.  I thought about it all day long...don't forget, don't forget, be sure and run, don't forget.  Thought about it the entire way home.  Had to run a couple of errands (and still forgot to get gas dammit), thinking the whole time...must run, don't forget, do it as soon as I get home.

I didn't forget, and I didn't enjoy it.  By the time I started running it was dark.  There were at least 4 times as many cars as the morning, probably more like 10 times.  I was afraid to run too fast, afraid I would trip in the dark.  It was a sucky run all around, but oddly enough, I felt refreshed afterwards.  I don't think I feel as energized after my morning runs.....probably cause I'm always playing beat the clock with them.

Mile #21 done, 30 to go.

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