Thursday, March 1, 2012

There are no alligators in southern California

Wow, this morning I really didn't want to run.  This was beyond that mental battle I've been having, this was "I REALLY don't want to do this NOW".   But it's now or never, cause I have to work and instead of running with my group tonight I'm going to see "Traces" at the OC Performing Arts Center, so I HAVE to run, like it or not.

I manged to get through it, although I didn't push myself to get under 11 minute mile....but surprised myself with 11:11, figured it would be more like 12 something.

After my mile I have to wait for the light to cross the street.  As I'm approaching the corner I hear a weird sound coming from the storm drain.  My mental dialogue goes something like this "Wonder what that is.  Alligators in the sewers.  I'm too tired to even look."  I cross to the east side of the street, but I still have to wait for the light to cross to the north.  This light usually takes a while (thanks to synchronized lights which by the way I love).  I'm standing at the corner thinking "I should have looked.  It's gonna bug me all day wondering what's in there.  No way is it an alligator, but what if it's a small animal, like a kitty, or a bunny.  What if it dies in there cause I'm too tired to check."  So I cross back and cautiously approach. 

I can't see anything through the grate.  I listen carefully. 

To the sound of water trickling into the storm drain. 

Sure sounded like an alligator flapping it's tail around when I was breathing hard and my heart was pounding right after my mile.

Mystery solved I am free to go on with my day.

Mile #17 done 34 to go.

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